No activity in human history has been as prevalent and practiced as sports. Disciplines where humans give their all to prove themselves the best of the best in each match or game, sports have been with us for millennia. Ancient Greeks held competitions to honor the Gods and prove who was best in each discipline. Nowadays, sports are internationally recognized, practiced, and viewed by fans all over the globe. One sport stands out among the rest due to the number of legends and champions it has brought to the world: Boxing. Two names that resonate in the hearts and minds of true fans of pugilism, Ali and Frazier. Two mythical champions whose rivalry and matches grace the pages of boxing history. While both have left our world, their legacy lives on, and so does their rivalry; today, dear readers, let's look at some of this shared history and how the past lives on in the present.

From Like Stick to Like ChipBest boxing matches

The rivalry between legends Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier brought the fans worldwide some of the boxing’s most famous matches. The Rumble in the Jungle and the Thrilla in Manilla are widely regarded as some of the best and most brutal boxing matches in history. Two of the best boxers to have ever existed, both Ali and Frazier left their mark in sports heritage and the fight for civil rights. The skill and rivalry between the two boxers would live on and be represented in present history thanks to the daughters of both men, who stand out among the best female boxers in modern boxing and online sports betting.

The Butterfly's Daughter

Laila Amara Ali, the eighth of Ali's nine children, has worked hard to cement her place in female boxing history. She is widely considered one of the best female boxers of all time. Laila retired undefeated in her boxing career with 24 victories in 24 matches, 21 of them by way of K.O. During her career, she held the WBC, WIBA, IWBF, and IBA titles, and the IWBF super lightweight titles. After retiring, Laila became a T.V personality appearing in numerous talk shows.

"Smokin" Joe's DaughterBest boxers

Jacqui Frazier-Lyde, born Jacqueline Frazier, is the daughter of the legendary "Smokin" Joe Frazier. Despite her background, Jacqui only began boxing relatively late in her life,  as she decided to begin her boxing career at 38. An extremely successful boxer, Jacqui would go undefeated until her fight with Laila Ali in 2001. The only loss in her professional career was to Ali. Despite her loss, Jacqui holds the distinction of being one of only three boxers to ever go the distance with Laila Ali. She defended three titles throughout her career, the WIBA Light Heavyweight Championship, the WIBF Intercontinental Super Middleweight Championship, and the UBA World Heavyweight Championship. She retired in 2004 with a record of 15 bouts, 13 victories, 9 of them by way of K.O, one loss, and a no contest.

Ali vs. Frazier IVBest female boxers

The legacy of hype that was created by both fighters' legendary fathers spurred Jacqui to begin her professional boxing career. The main driver of her choice was in seeking a match against Laila for the chance to redeem her father's past losses. The bout on June 8, 2001 became the next episode in the legendary rivalry handed down to these two incredible female boxers.

Both boxers were undefeated at that point in their careers, Laila having a record of 9 victories, 8 of them by K.O. Frazier had an impressive seven wins, all of them by way of K.O. At 39 years old at the time of the match, Frazier was 16 years older than Ali. Yet her resolve and confidence shone through, despite the age gap.

While the match wasn't the show of punching and boxing skills that all three matches between her fathers had been, the bout was far from boring. At some points, it looked like a representation of the episodes of their fathers. The fight went the distance, and the judges scored a victory for Laila. Two judges gave the fight to Laila and one of them scored it a draw. About 6,500 people watched the match. Neither camp would reveal what purse was at stake. It was later reported to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. A prize truly worthy of  both fighters' names.

A Rivalry For The Ages


Daughters of two of the best fighters to step on the ring, both Laila and Jacqui are fantastic representatives of boxing skills. Both have held up the legacy and rivalry established over 30 years prior by their famous fathers. True fans will remember the Ali-Frazier history forever, as will the four fighters that made it legendary.