Bowling with Grace

On Wednesday night, October 25, we will celebrate the 100th birthday of Amazing Grace Mulloy at the magical lanes of Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco for the return of Bowling with Grace: The Kitchen Sisters Annual Bowling Party and Fundraiser.

Come bowl or come hang with a whole new array of Celebrity Bowlers, including Alice Waters, Boz Scaggs, Roman Mars, Roman Coppola, Wendy MacNaughton, Samin Nosrat, Hrishikesh Hirway, Alexis Madrigal, Ear Hustle’s Nigel Poor & Earlonne Woods, Rebecca Solnit, Thao Nguyen, Manny Yekutiel, Peggy Smith and Sue Conley of Cowgirl Creamery, Joanna Haigood and many more! All funds support the work of The Kitchen Sisters.

Wim Wenders: The Entire Caboodle

Filmmaker Wim Wenders premiered two new films at Cannes this year — Anselm, a 3-D, cutting edge documentary about the contemporary German painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer, and Perfect Days, a quiet, meditative film about a toilet cleaner in Kyoto who who drives from job to job, listening to music on cassettes.

Lena Richard: America's Unknown Celebrity Chef

When Lena Richard cooked her first chicken on television, she beat Julia Child to the screen by over a decade. At a time when most African American women cooks worked behind swinging kitchen doors, Richard claimed her place as a culinary authority, broadcasting in the living rooms of New Orleans’s elite white families. She was an entrepreneur, educator, author, and an icon—and her legacy lives on in her recipes.

Archiving the Underground

As hip hop turns 50, we delve into the story of the founding of the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute at Harvard by Dr. Marcyliena Morgan, Professor of African and African American Studies and Professor Henry Louis Gates to “facilitate and encourage the pursuit of knowledge, art, culture, scholarship and responsible leadership through Hiphop.”

Edith Warner's Atomic Tea Room

It was top secret. But everyone in Santa Fe knew there was something going on up on the hill in the remote, desert mountains of Los Alamos in 1943. J. Robert Oppenheimer and dozens of the top scientists and thinkers in the world were sequestered away up there — fenced in, with military guard towers all around. But there was one little sanctuary down along the river where they could escape and find solace, nature, normalcy — Edith Warner’s Tea House.

Remembering the Day After Trinity

In 1980, The Kitchen Sisters interviewed filmmaker Jon Else about his Academy Award nominated documentary, The Day After Trinity, a deeply moving film about J. Robert Oppenheimer and the dramatic story of the creation of the atomic bomb.

Support the Stories

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