Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll - The Stock Market Wizard of San Quentin is Released!

In 2015 we presented this story about Curtis Carroll, the Stock Market Wizard of San Quentin. Everyone in San Quentin called him Wall Street. He was teaching his fellow prisoners about stocks and had become an informal financial adviser to fellow inmates and correctional officers.

Silent Echoes: The Bells of Notre Dame

Since the devastating 2019 fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the ringing of the cathedral’s bells has ceased.

Sound artist, Bill Fontana, known for his sound sculptures of Golden Gate Bridge, temple bells in Kyoto, and trees in Sequoia National Forest, creates a new work giving voice to the silenced bells of Notre Dame.

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Afghan Women Refugees in America

The story of a group of young Afghan women journalists, musicians and activists, how they fled their country in fear for their lives when the Taliban took over their nation, and how they are navigating life today in the US.

The Real Ambassadors: Dave Brubeck, Iola Brubeck, and Louis Armstrong

The story of The Real Ambassadors, a jazz musical created by Dave Brubeck and Iola Brubeck for Louis Armstrong in the 1950/60s.

Live! at the Library of Congress

The Kitchen Sisters in conversation with Academy Award Winning Actor Frances McDormand LIVE at the Library of Congress

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