The Mardi Gras Indians

A collection of stories and interviews in honor of the Mardi Gras Indian tradition in New Orleans.

House/Full of BlackWomen

A Black History Month Special

For some 8 years now, 34 Black women have gathered around a big dining room table in Oakland, Calif. Meeting, cooking, dancing, strategizing — grappling with issues of eviction, gentrification and sex trafficking that are staring down their community, staring down Black women in America.

Lou Reed's Tai Chi: Live! at On Air Fest

The collaborative spirit lives between artist Laurie Anderson and The Kitchen Sisters – Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva. In this special session you’ll hear clips of podcasts they collaborated on together including most recently, “Lou Reed’s Tai Chi: The Making of ‘The Art of the Straight Line, My Tai Chi,'” the story of Laurie and friends finishing Lou’s book on the ancient spiritual practice. They’ll play excerpts from their work, tell stories, and share insights into their creative process.

The book “The Art of the Straight Line: Lou Reed’s Tai Chi” will be for sale courtesy of Medicine for Nightmares Bookstore.

Wim Wenders: The Entire Caboodle

Filmmaker Wim Wenders premiered two new films at Cannes this year — Anselm, a 3-D, cutting edge documentary about the contemporary German painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer, and Perfect Days, a quiet, meditative film about a toilet cleaner in Kyoto who who drives from job to job, listening to music on cassettes.

Make Coffee Black Again

In this episode, we borrow a cup of sound from the podcast, What You’re Eating, a production of, hosted by Jerusha Klemperer. In the episode, “Coffee: From Seed to Cup,” Jerusha interviewed coffee entrepreneur Bartholomew Jones, who co-founded CxffeeBlack, a “multimedia coffee educational company,” with his wife Renata Henderson in Memphis, Tennessee in 2018. Bartholomew is an educator, an MC, a “coffee nerd,” and an amazing storyteller.

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