Cry Me a River

Produced by The Kitchen Sisters and Martha Ham
With Laura Folger, Nathan Dalton, Alexandra Woodruff, Eloise Melzer & Ali Budner.

A portrait of pioneering river activists Ken Sleight, Katie Lee, and Mark Dubois that explores their dramatic efforts to save wild rivers, the rise of the environmental movement and the power of individuals to make a difference. From the series Stories from the Heart of the Land.

This story could not have been done without the contributions and perspectives of many people who are passionate about river, dams and watersheds. We thank them deeply.

Don Briggs, John & Nancy Cassidy, Brad Dimock, General Donald O’Shei, David Brower, Floyd Dominy, Ranger Mark Meloy, Gary Snyder, Ladybird Johnson, Patti “Shorcut” Schifferle, W.L. “Bud” Rusho, Ken Verdoia, Ken Sanders, John Else, Jo Van Leeuwen, Peter & Carter Mills, Roy Webb, Danny Silver, Robb Moss, Jane Whalen, Carl Pope, Cindy Carpien, John McPhee, Edward Abbey, Robert Hass,
Mark Gonnerman, Kim Kamau, Phlis McGregor, Jane Sleight.

The Kitchen Sisters have always relied on the kindness of archivists. They are some of our nation’s many unsung heroes. Without them, and the work of our fellow documentary makers, our stories would be flat as a pancake and our country would have even less of a sense of itself than it does. Special thanks to Richard Quartaroli, Bee Valvo & Susan McGlothlin at the Cline Library at Northern Arizona University, Ellen Byrne & The Sierra Club, Susan Snyder & The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, Ann Lage & the Regional Oral History Office at UC Berkeley, Roy Webb & the Marriott Library at the University of Utah, Tony Bogar & Friends of the River, Southern Utah University,
The National Archives

These organizations all contributed time and perspective to this story. Friends of the River, SPLORE, ETC, The Glen Canyon Institute, The Army Corps of Engineers, The Bureau of Reclamation,
Katydid Press, Fretwater Press, Ken Sanders Rare Books, KUED & KUER in Salt Lake City,
River of Words, and Pack Creek Ranch.

Jay Allison & Emily Botein originally commissioned this work.