The Climate Underground

Climate-Underground-Al Gore-Alice Waters-Jason Bade

Al Gore is back and he’s got a new slide show. Better take heed. Last October the former Vice President, Nobel Prize-winner and Academy Award-winner for An Inconvenient Truth, together with activist, restaurateur, and founder of The Edible Schoolyard, Alice Waters, gathered farmers, ranchers, scientists, chefs, researchers, policymakers on Al’s family farm in Carthage, Tennessee for a riveting set of conversations about the role of food and regenerative agriculture in solving the climate crisis. They called the two day event, The Climate Underground.

Along with the conversations, some of Nashville’s hottest chefs and dedicated regenerative farmers joined Alice to create a sustainable organic school lunch for the 350 participants to highlight the power of local, school supported agriculture in nurturing the health of children and the land.

This event happened long before the moment we all find ourselves in right now, as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the planet. But it holds the seeds and hope for a different approach to our future and the fate of the planet we all share.

In honor of Earth Day, The Kitchen Sisters Present…The Climate Underground.

The Climate Underground "School Lunch" Photo by Jason Bade

The Climate Underground “School Lunch”
Photo by Jason Bade

School lunch placemat Photo by Jason Bade

School Lunch Placemat
Photo by Jason Bade

Flatbread and field pea hummus

Flatbread and field pea hummus

Matthew Raiford

“CheFarmer” Matthew Raiford


Mary Crow

Alice and the chefs

Alice and the chefs

The Climate Underground was produced by The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva and Matt Hoisch in collaboration with Nathan Dalton and Brandi Howell and mixed by Jim McKee.