Here at Kitchen Central, located on the edge of San Francisco’s North Beach and Chinatown district, The Kitchen Sisters offer an internship program where individuals from various ages and backgrounds come to learn more about the inner workings of producing radio stories. The program ranges from storytelling and editing workshops to the production of stories and excursions outside of the office.

The Kitchen Sisters welcome internship inquiries. If you are interested please send us an email with your resume and tell us something about yourself, your skills, your goals and your objectives with regards to working with us. We do not have any employment opportunities available at this time but we welcome your query and keep all resumes on file for future projects and needs. Please contact us directly for details about our workshop / master class sessions.

Meet Some of our Present and Former Interns and See Their Work:

 TeddyHeadshot Teddy Alexander joined The Kitchen Sisters as an intern in November, 2019. A California native, Teddy attended UC Santa Cruz, where she studied Sociology. She currently works for REFORM Alliance, a criminal justice non-profit led by Van Jones. Teddy is an aspiring journalist and audio storyteller, and part-time local comedian. She has a recognizable voice, and even in her home town has been accused of having an accent. Follow Teddy’s work on her website:

Matt Matt Hoisch landed in the idyllic Kearny St. office after spending six months researching and writing about a plethora of topics in a post-college employment whirlwind. Through all of that time, he knew he had to find his way back to radio. About two years earlier, he had decided he wanted to become a radio journalist, and if there’s anyone from whom to learn and hone the art radio journalism, it’s The Kitchen Sisters (and Brandi and Nathan). Matt spent college studying environmental issues, so it was fitting that as an intern, he sifted through and edited hours of tape from a conference on climate change and agriculture at Al Gore’s Tennessee farm.

Matt knows that there is something valuable that the peculiar medium of audio storytelling can teach us about climate change and our environment. He hasn’t figured out exactly what, but this internship was a great step in that quest. After his time in the kitchen, Matt jumped away for his first professional (and paid) job in radio as a reporter with KOTO, the public radio station in Telluride, CO, where he learned the art of daily deadlines and skiing on the weekends. Other interests include playing piano, Israeli folk dancing, and telling himself that he will learn to be a better cook.

While in Telluride he has covered everything form Spanish Spelling Bees to Ukulele Jam Sessions.

Josh Gross_Cropped Josh Gross is an adventure seeker and storyteller raised in the Bay Area. He began producing audio stories throughout his high school years, and joined the Kitchen Sisters in January 2019 after finishing his piece, The Other F-Word, an NPR Youth Radio Challenge Finalist. When he isn’t telling stories, he is climbing rocks (with ropes), baking an array of pastries and breads, or surfing the great pacific ocean.

You can hear Josh’s work, including The Other F-Word, on our podcast episode, Night of the Living Intern: First Stories from Kitchen Sisters Interns

Sydney Stewart_cropped Sydney Stewart is a Bay Area native and studies history at Washington University in St. Louis. She interned with the Sisters in 2019 working on the Lou Reed archive and archival work at Levi Strauss and Company projects.

 Juliet_cropped Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo—also known as “Juliet of Wesleyan” in The Kitchen Sister’s office—is a writer and audio-producer living in the Bay Area. She currently produces events and audio and runs social media for City Arts & Lectures in San Francisco. Previously, she interned for The Kitchen Sisters, where she produced pieces on the internet, bears in books, and outsider artists, among others, and persistently updated the intern computer background to haunting graphics of women hula-hooping. Her writing appears in fields magazine.

headshot 2 Selene Ross is fascinated by all things weird and wonderful, particularly when it comes to stories. Inspired by creative and innovative mediums for storytelling, she has curated and developed stories and exhibitions for virtual reality, independent podcasts, spoken word poetry, and performance art. She cooked in the Kitchen back in 2018, and now is an audio producer at Dipsea, an audio platform for short audio fiction about sex and relationships. At Dipsea, she and the other “sonic sisters” work closely with voice actors and sound designers to bring the stories to life. Hear more of her work here and at

 Juliette Luini_cropped Juliette Luini is an independent audio producer enjoying 300 days of sunshine in Boulder, CO. Her work draws inspiration from documentary, narrative journalism, and oral storytelling. She is a recent graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and Middlebury College. When she isn’t producing podcasts, you can find Juliette procrastibaking banana bread, practicing yoga, or hiking with friends.

Her work can be heard here::

Shea Sweeney_cropped Shea Sweeney is a writer and aspiring filmmaker born and raised in Colorado. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University where she was the recipient of the 2019 Henfield Prize for fiction. She is a 2018 Felipe P. De Alba Fellowship nominee, 2017 resident of The Growlery artist residency in San Francisco, and a 2013 Sander Thoenes Research Award recipient. Her words and images have appeared in Flaunt, Westword, The Reykjavik Grapevine, and Lovers & Other Strangers. She has worked for Jigsaw Productions, JV8 INC casting agency, and, of course, the The Kitchen Sisters. In 2016 Shea walked roughly seventeen hundred miles across America. She lives in LA and her current projects include a short story collection and screenplay.

Kenny Gong_cropped Kenny Gong arrived at KS HQ during a wonderful sojourn of creative self-discovery. Before the season cooking in the Kitchen, Kenny was a social justice organizer, politico, nonprofit fundraiser, television producer, and baker. Since the Kitchen, Kenny built a top-ranking San Francisco real estate sales business and, today, is a Realtor trainer, speaker, and host of The Thoughtful Realtor podcast. Kenny lives in North Berkeley and is an active member of the KQED Public Media Community Advisory Panel. Website:

eliza-smith_tilemedium Eliza Smith is a producer at Snap Judgment. She also works with authors to adapt their work into radio plays for Snap. She is also the senior producer on their first spin-off podcast, Spooked.

Leda-Marritz-bio-pictures Leda Marritz the Director of Marketing for (a podcast search engine and API) and Pop Up Archive (an automatic transcription service). Our aim is to make audio easier to search, discover, and share.

LKHeadshot Laura Klivans  is a health reporter at KQED public radio and a lecturer at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.


David Fuchs – David first stumbled into the kitchen in October 2015 and returned as a full-fledged intern the following summer. Although he’s a third-generation Northern Californian, he was first bit by the radio bug while working as a Narrative Journalism Fellow at Middlebury College in Vermont. His work as a radio producer and print journalist has been featured on KWMR, WDEV and Middlebury Magazine and in The Tiburon Ark,  The Addison Independent and Vermont Sports Magazine. As a rising senior, he hopes to combine his passion for journalism and background in geography to produce compelling stories that tie individual narratives into larger geographic contexts. When he’s not working on a story, you’ll most likely find him honking on the sax, bouncing around in the waves or tracking down the perfect burrito.

David produced the Russian Hidden Kitchen story The Apple Road while interning with us. Links to his prior work in radio, print and — per Nikki’s request — skateboarding can be found here, here and here, respectively.

Patty Fung, nicknamed the “roving eye” here at Kitchen Central, is a hobby photographer, documentarian, and explorer. Her personal work ranges from capturing the in betweens of the day to documenting the projects of non-profit organizations. She’s a Bay Area native and recent graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz where she studied environmental studies and education. Other than tinkering with different mediums during her free time, she enjoys reading, crafting, and riding her skateboard all over the place. Photo by Kenny Srivijittakar. Website: pfungcollects.wordpress.comStories Produced for the Kitchen Sisters:
Ghada Abdel-Aal: Egyptian Pharmacist/Blogger/Writer
Haitian Amputee Mother’s Alliance
Across the Great Divide: Photography of Roberta Price
Deborah Luster: Tooth for an Eye

Sam Robinson graduated in July 2010 from the University of the Arts, London with a bachelors degree in Sound Art and Design. During his time at University he created the London ‘Sonic Tube Map’ (2009) a computer-based application which enables users to create their own unique audio journey through London. In 2010 as part of an extensive body of work based around sound sampling he created ‘BUSK’, an audio-visual project performed by improvising with a sampler containing audio sourced from street performers. Sam’s sound work has been heard on BBC Radio and London art-radio station Resonance FM. He enjoys writing, producing music and performing music. In summer 2010 he moved from his home in south London to San Francisco and has had the pleasure of working with the Kitchen Sisters since January 2011.

Stories Produced for the Kitchen Sisters:

Never On Sunday: The Hidden World Of Elena Fonseca
My Mother
Deborah Luster: Tooth for an Eye

Matt Beagle started interning with the Kitchen Sisters in 2011. Before coming to the Kitchen, Matt worked as a labor organizer, a camp counselor and a producer for “White Collar Brawler,” an online documentary about boxing. In 2010, Matt participated in the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs, and wore a lot of ties. Matt is also a stand up comedian and can be seen telling jokes about his parents in local bars. Websitembeagle.wordpress.comStories Produced for the Kitchen Sisters:
Deborah Luster: Tooth for an Eye

Thalia Gigerenzer started interning with the Kitchen Sisters in May 2011. Coming from a background in print journalism, she loves hunting for untold and offbeat stories. She’s written about everything from communist nostalgia in East Germany, Islamic iPhone apps to the local shoe repairman. Her work has been published in The Bay Citizen, The New York Times, Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and India’s The Caravan. Thalia grew up in Berlin, Germany. After graduating from the University of Chicago, she spent a year in India on a Fulbright scholarship, where she documented the life stories of the residents of a poor, working-class neighborhood in Delhi. As a passionate documentarian of hidden histories, she’s very excited to be part of the Kitchen family. Website:

Tess Kenner graduated from U.C. Berkeley, where she studied History and Spanish. After graduation, she returned to her home town, Los Angeles, where she worked on the documentary film Food Inc., and on a documentary special about social networking. She spent several months in Rome, cooking at the American Academy’s Rome Sustainable Food Project. She joined the Kitchen Sisters in the summer of 2010. She loves being apart of Kitchen Central!

Lacy Roberts is a budding radio producer from the Big Sky State of Montana. After graduating from Brown University, she relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and was surprised to find that lemons could grow in her backyard. In January. Her work has been heard on YouthCast, a growing handful of quality NPR stations around the country, and her podcast, The Ladies Village Improvement Society. Though its currently on hiatus, you can hear episodes from the first season on She is now helping out in Kitchen Central with the Sisters’ upcoming series on young women around the world and working on some sound projects of her own. Surely more revelations await as the California seasons proceed… fig trees? quince? Who knew?Website: www.lacyroberts.comStories Produced for the Kitchen Sisters:
A War Bride’s Story
Kakenya’s Dream
The Hidden World of Vivian Mair

Marie Doezema has been working as a print journalist for ten years in France, Japan, Qatar and the U.S. After graduating from Vassar College, Marie cut her teeth on a Paris-based literary journal while studying Arabic and working in a wine bar. Recent work has appeared in The Asahi Shimbun/International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and Paris/LA. Eager to blend sound into her stories, Marie came to San Francisco in the summer of 2009 to learn from The Kitchen Sisters. In addition to writing, editing and radioing, Marie is at work on a collaborative photo-journalism project about global remittance workers.

Lisa Morehouse came to radio after 14 years in public education, teaching English and journalism in rural Georgia and San Francisco, and learning from her students’ stories. Since 2007 she’s been writing about education (Edutopia, McSweeney’s) and producing radio stories. Her pieces on travelling Samoan circuses, butchery classes, and art in unlikely places have aired on shows like KQED’s The California Report and NPR’s All Things Considered. She feels lucky to be a line cook in the Kitchen. Website:

Rachel Scott is a native of Santa Cruz County and graduated from U.C. Santa Cruz with a degree in Sociology. She has been a part of the KZSC Santa Cruz community for over three years, where she has hosted a variety of music programs and served on the governing board. She is passionate about music, ethnic cuisine, traveling, and exploring socio-historical topics through film and radio. As the former guitarist in an all-female rock band, Rachel is thrilled to be part of a team that celebrates female culture and history. Website:

Alexandra Blair, graduate from Brown University, has been working for the PRBO Conservation Science in Point Reyes, Ca. as their Environmental Education and Outreach assistant. She has worked in Cuba and with Tibetan refugees in northern India and created documentary shorts for Brown University’s “Inside Out” student radio station.

Allison Budner, known to us as Ali, started working with us in the fall of 2006. She has helped with transcription and research for our Hidden Kitchen’s story “The Tables of New Crowned Hope” and “Cry Me A River” our upcoming story that airs as part of Jay Allison’s new series, “Stories From the Heart of the Land.””Like several other past Kitchen Sisters interns, I got “hooked” on documentary radio production working on the show, Inside Out, for Brown Student Radio.  After college, I worked on a local organic farm for a year.  So, food and radio—a serendipitous intersection for me!  In addition to working with the Kitchen Sisters now I teach yoga and study western herbal medicine.   I’m interested in food, stories, and healing.  Conveniently, I believe that food heals.  And so do stories.” — Allison

Eloise Melzer – Eloise joined the Kitchen Sisters in December 2006. Hailing from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, with a degree in Anthropology from Middlebury College, Eloise has always found herself fascinated with the stories people tell and the lessons that can be gleaned from them. After graduating, she found herself making cheese first in Vermont then in France and now works at Oliveto restaurant in Oakland continuing her education of all things food. With a love of radio, and a passion for food, culture, and story, Eloise looks forward to learning more about the art of radio production and the craft of storytelling.

Allie Wollner – Allie is an explorer of the wide world and all its wonders. She is also a junior at Brown University majoring in English with a focus on Creative Non Fiction. Originally from Seattle, WA, Allie cherishes fresh food and soulful communities. She also loves telling and hearing a good story. Allie currently writes a weekly column for The Brown Daily Herald and manages the blog of dinnerware designer Rosanna Bowles.

Catherine Kastleman – Catherine interned for the Kitchen Sisters in summer of 2008 and, inspired by the Sisters’ unique style, decided to hone her radio journalism skills as an intern at KQED. She returned to Yale in 2009 to finish her BA in American Studies with a concentration in Food, Health, and Environment. After graduation, she spent several months gathering a fantastic collection of memories: singing folk songs while wearing a 100-year-old Croatian peasant costume, learning how not to cook a rooster on an organic farm in France, and bonding with farmers as an EBT/SNAP outreach coordinator at her hometown farmers’ market. Catherine got a job in May 2011 advocating for healthy, sustainable, affordable food at the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington, DC.  She plans to return to school to study public health, where she hopes to continue to use the power of good storytelling to evaluate community interventions and influence policy.
Noah Miller Noah Miller – Director of Out Loud Radio, Berkeley,Ca.
Noah got his start in radio before his voice had changed, doing the weather report from his backyard in Berkeley. During his teenage years, late nights in the dark listening to Dave Isay, Joe Frank and others set him on a path toward storytelling and sound. He entered Oberlin College with an interest in composing, and left with majors in Musicology and Cognitive Science. Noah interned with us in 2000 and 2001, helping with the first Lost & Found Sound and ideas for the Sonic Memorial Project. He has worked with SoundVision Productions on The DNA Files. In 2002, he founded the outLoud Radio Project which allows teenagers to create radio pieces featuring voices that don’t often make it into the mainstream, with a special focus on stories from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth. He sings with various Renaissance, medieval and Baroque ensembles in the Bay Area

Other former Kitchen Sisters interns include:

Annie Brown

Allie Cheroutes

Maira Clancy

Ros Fraser

Marina Furbush

Paulina Hartono

Ocie Henderson

Milo Henderson

Ethan Hofmayer

Lucy Kang

Zoe Kurland

Virginia Tasca Lanza

Morgan Levey

Allison Levitsky

Vickie Ly

Paul McCarthy

Bayley McMillan

Chris Mosson

Brijean Murphy

Emma Nobel

Emily Shaw

Taylor Simmons

Justine Thieriot

Mary Franklin Harvin

Vika Arenson

Asal Ehsanipour

Aylia Renee Yates

Alicia Luu

Teddy Alexander

Olivia Ware

Lauren Schechter

Ethan Hofmayer

Katie McCutcheon

Michal Wisnioski

Emily Shaw

Grant McHamer